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A retreat offers the perfect opportunity to dive deep into your creative pursuits. Step out of the routine of daily life and prioritize your own well-being and personal development while enjoying quality time with friends in a cozy environment. A retreat provides the ideal backdrop for those in search of peace, clarity, and learning while relationships, old and new, truly blossom.



Quilting Retreats

Seeking a sanctuary to reignite your quilting fervor? Eager to explore new methods alongside fellow quilt aficionados but unsure where to turn? Dive into a five-day quilting escape at The Landmark Inn! Team up on projects and craft your personal quilts in the company of kindred spirits.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been threading needles from the cradle (it's a hereditary talent for many of us!), our retreat has a unique allure for everyone. Pack your essentials and prepare to unleash your creativity with both familiar faces and newfound friends at our quilting haven! Organize a group retreat or register solo for a Hosted Weekend/Open Studio.


Scrapbooking Retreats

For scrapbooking enthusiasts, there's nothing better than a five-day scrapbook retreat! You'll have plenty of room to spread out and create pages as intricate as you like. The space will provide comfort and convenience. Don't forget to take advantage of all that scrapbooking has to offer-- plan for some late-night fun, including digging through those stash boxes! With ample time to work on projects, the weekend is sure to be transformative.

It's worth noting that cardmaking and scrapbooking share many common tools and materials, making them a natural pairing. Often, these two crafts are seamlessly blended into a common retreat. Come to a Scrapbooking or Cardmaking Retreat with a group, or signup as an individual for a Hosted Weekend/Open Studio.


Weaving Retreats

For those passionate about the intricate art of weaving, a five-day weaving retreat awaits you! Revel in expansive spaces, perfect for setting up your looms and exploring patterns as detailed as your imagination allows. The environment promises comfort and convenience. Dive deep into the night as you intertwine threads, rediscovering old patterns and inventing new ones. With dedicated hours to hone your craft, the retreat promises profound creative renewal.

It's intriguing to note that weaving shares similarities with knitting, using threads and techniques that can intertwine these crafts effortlessly. These two art forms often find their paths crossing at shared events. Venture into a Weaving or Knitting Retreat with your community or embark solo with for a Hosted Weekend/Open Studio Retreat.


Knitting Retreats

For those with a heartfelt bond to the rhythmic dance of needles, a captivating five-day knitting retreat awaits. Eager to master novel stitches alongside fellow knitting aficionados but unsure of the ideal setting? Embark on your knitting journey at The Landmark Inn!

Assemble your knitting kit and prepare to craft memories where a unique magic unfurls. Come to The Landmark Inn for a splendid retreat experience or venture forth solo during our special Hosted Weekend/Open Studio. May the clicking begin!


Crafting Retreats

For artisans of all craft varieties, imagine immersing yourself in a five-day crafting retreat! A spacious haven awaits, allowing you to delve into projects as detailed or expansive as your heart desires. Every corner of this retreat whispers both comfort and convenience. Revel in the diverse world of crafting—perhaps spending nights exploring your treasure troves of materials and tools. The days promise to be both inspiring and invigorating as you breathe life into your projects.

Join our Crafting Retreat, whether you're rallying a group of fellow artisans or embarking on a solo creative quest during our Hosted Weekend/Open Studio.


Hosted Weekends / Open Studio

Hosted Weekends, also referred to as Open Studio, offer a wonderful opportunity for individuals or small groups of friends to connect with new people. Whether you prefer a solo retreat or a cozy gathering with friends, we have weekends tailored just for you.

If you're looking for a welcoming and enjoyable space to indulge in quilting, scrapbooking, or crafting while making new friends and sharing laughter, then a Hosted Weekend/Open Studio is the perfect choice.

Sewing Studio
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