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Q: Is The Landmark handicap accessible?

A: Absolutely! There is a handicap entrance in the back of the building for everyone's use. It provides easy loading and unloading of your things. A large cart is provided for your use. As a reminder, only one car at a time should be in this location at a time.

Q: How early can we arrive?

A: You can arrive as early as 6:00 am.

Q: Preparation and Arrival

A: Experience the excitement as the doors open at 8:00. Prepare for a delightful weekend surrounded by like-minded creative individuals. Once you settle in, explore the facility and make yourself at home. To ensure you have everything you need, please remember to bring all necessary supplies.

Q: How many bathrooms are there at the Landmark Inn

A: There are three bathrooms in this shared European style bath facility. The main bath is divided into three sections for easy use by multiple people.

Q: Is there really a Butler's Pantry?

A: There is one on the main floor with rear entry, ample counter space, two refrigerators, plates, glasses, wine glasses, and a microwave. It's a great convenience!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We follow the general industry standard which allows a substitute to attend in the place of the person that cancels. Refunds are not possible.

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