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Retreat Fees

Overnight Stays Are FREE with 5-Day Retreats Wed – Sun. at $200 per person, this is the bargain price of $40 per day. Minimum stay price is $160 for Thursday – Sun.

5-Day Retreats

5-Day Retreats Wed – Sun. is $200 per person; this is the bargain price of $40 per day

4-Day Retreats

4-Day Retreats Thurs – Sun. is $160 per person price for minimum stay, $40 per day

+1 Friend Day Use

1+ day if friend wants to visit and craft during the day cost is the same $40 per day. 6am-10pm

Group Coordinator Deal

Group coordinator stays 1/2 price (bring your group receive ½ off when booking w/ 10 others).


Payments are non-refundable, you will need to provide a replacement to pay you & provide name.

Min/Max Group Size

The minimum retreat group size is 10.

The maximum retreat group size is 19.

Payment Due Dates

Due dates: ½ due (or full if you wish) when date is reserved, remainder due no later than 1-month/30-days prior to your retreat.

Smaller Group?

Smaller groups? The Landmark Inn is the most flexible around contact me.

Hosted Weekends?

Hosted weekends? Contact The Landmark Inn if interested and not on calendar.

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