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A retreat offers the perfect opportunity to dive deep into your creative pursuits. Step out of the routine of daily life and prioritize your own well-being and personal development while enjoying quality time with friends in a cozy environment. A retreat provides the ideal backdrop for those in search of peace, clarity, and learning while relationships, old and new, truly blossom.



Are you looking for a place to reconnect and recharge your passion for quilting? Do you have an itch to try out some new techniques with fellow enthusiastic quilters, but don't know where to go? Join us for a five-day quilting retreat! Collaborate on projects with fellow practitioners — all while creating your own quilts. Whether you’re a beginner or have been stitching since infancy (it practically runs in the blood over here!), this retreat offers something special to each guest. Gather up your supplies; it’s time to get creative with friends old and new at our upcoming Quilting Retreat!


Spend a blissful five days knitting at a repurposed former church and gain some much-needed relaxation! Whether you are a knitting beginner or an expert, this retreat provides the perfect get-away to give your knitting skills the dedicated focus they deserve. This retreat is sure to be a fun get-away filled with knitting galore. Refresh your knitting repertoire in this peaceful environment while enjoying the comfy overstuffed chairs. The familiar yet unknown space can provide a much-needed break from the tedium of life so don’t hesitate - book today!


I need a weaving retreat description. I need a weaving retreat description.


For scrapbooking enthusiasts, there's nothing better than a five-day scrapbook retreat! You'll have plenty of room to spread out and create pages as intricate as you like. Whether you're scrapbooking alone or with friends, the space will provide comfort and convenience. Don't forget to take advantage of all that scrapbooking has to offer-- plan for some late night fun, including digging through those stash boxes! With ample time to work on projects, the weekend is sure to be transformative.


Crafters rejoice! There’s a retreat in Staples that’s been designed around crafting, so you can enjoy crafting in a setting that was created with crafting in mind. Each participant is given two tables to craft with – plenty of space to spread out each project without running into another crafter – and the retreat runs for five days. Local attractions include Dairy Queen and lots of other opportunities to explore while crafting. Gather your crafting supplies, come on down to Staples and get crafting!

Open Studio

Open Studio Retreats, also known as hosted weekends, provide an opportunity for you to dive into your passion whether it's quilting, scrapbooking, knitting, weaving, spinning, beading, or some other craft. The time is yours. Leave your worries and responsibilities behind and take time for only you. Work projects you find most enjoyable, without being interrupted with everyday life. Come as a single or as a small group. Space is limited for these open studio weekends. Minimum attendee numbers may apply. Reserve your spot today. If interested, arrangements can be made for a relaxing therapeutic massage.
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